How To Get A Free Folded Utah Interstate Highway

We Tell You What Hoops To Jump Thru to Still Get a Free Folded Utah Interstate Highway Map

To obtain free tourism literature and maps mailed free to your home, please call 1-800-UTAH-FUN. 8am to 5:30pm Utah time. Ask for whatever specific UTAH literature, pamphlets and maps you may be interested in and ask that they be mailed to you. They have a wide variety and some may be read online, printed or mailed free, some hard copy mailed purchased.

The general Utah Interstate rest areas do not have, but welcome centers do have free Folded Utah interstate Freeway maps and other literature on what to see and do in Utah, and you can pick them up on the way through the state.

You can also read map and tourist information on line, print out and/or order them mailed online.

To view and/or print out various state of Utah maps go here... or see some of the print out maps below.

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Utah Travel Guide and Maps Department

To order the free travel Utah Guide, (you will also get the free folded Utah map mailed to you ordering online: Go here

You can also read the literature on the pages. To read online or to print out several maps, including highway maps and maps to Utah National Parks: Go here

National Park guide

canyon guide

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Grand Canyon Guides and More

Salt Lake City skyline

Read listings of what you might like to see or do. They have visitor guides, Grand Canyon guides. Along with many different city and valley areas literature including accomodations. Go here

Look thru to find desired tourism information offered.

Click on the travel guides or any free brochures offered that you would like mailed to you. Then fill out the attached form and submit online.

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