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How To Get A Free Folded South Dakota Highway

We Tell You What Hoops To Jump Thru to Still Get a Free SD Highway Map

FOLDED HIGHWAY MAPS are obtainable from the state of South Dakota Tourism Department in various packets and combinations. They like you to order what you like on line and fill out a form. Go Here Or you may be able to get one by phoning, no gurarantees. Try 1 800-S-Dakota

To view and/or print out various state of South Dakota maps go here... or see some of the print out maps below.
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The Publication Packets department

(Limit of one packet or publication per request per day.) so you ask for a combination packet or vacation packet or if you are a motorcyclist, ask for the special motorcycle packet which also includes like the automotive packet, a folded state highway map.

Vacation Guide and Map packet
Vacation Guide

Includes the South Dakota Vacation Guide (with pull-out highway map and events calendar) and a separate South Dakota State Highway Map.


Motorcycle Packet

Motorcycle Guide

Includes the South Dakota Motorcycle Guide, the South Dakota Vacation Guide and the South Dakota State Highway Map. PDF - South Dakota Motorcycle Guide and many other packets are available instantly on line as pdf files.

Download the PDF File HERE

fishing guide

You also have an option of a Fishing and Hunting packet Includes the South Dakota Fishing & Hunting Guide; Hunting Handbook from South Dakota and of course the folded highway map for South Dakota

Download the Documents Here:

PDF - South Dakota Fishing & Hunting Guide

PDF - South Dakota Hunting & Trapping Handbook (GFP)

PDF - South Dakota Fishing Handbook (GFP)

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